RT3 Member’s Unique Connection with the Ronald McDonald House Charities

By Lauren White, RCS Reporter.

Charles Antis shares why the Ronald McDonald House means so much to him.

With twins six weeks premature, Charles Antis and his wife were frightened and stressed.  Charles, founder and CEO of Antis Roofing and Waterproofing recalls the long drives back and forth to the hospital to have skin-on-skin time with his newborns.  In addition to being concerned about his children, he was afraid to talk to the Ronald McDonald House because he didn’t want to admit to being one of those families with sick children.  However, when he shares his story he expresses his gratitude for the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) stating, “You taught me that if I can stay close to my kids then we can heal.”

The Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home for the families of critically ill or injured children.  Opening in 1989, the Orange County Ronald McDonald House (OCRMH) is a place of comfort when it is most needed.  These houses are near the hospital where children are receiving care.  They provide families with meals, private rooms to sleep in, and they foster a sense of community as families are able to interact with others as they go through difficult times.  Just last year 805 families stayed in the house.

Now, Charles serves on the board of the OCRMH.  He shares, “I’m fortunate to serve as a board member and contribute to the House’s mission to provide a safe haven for families of critically ill children.”  Having visited the Ronald McDonald House in Orange County a few years ago, he learned there had been no roof maintenance for seven years. Owning a company who values charity and social responsibility, Charles wanted to help.  He offered to donate support and seal any potential leak areas.

Since then, Antis Roofing has adopted the roofs of 165 stand-alone Ronald Mcdonald Houses throughout the United States.  Contractors from the Roofing Alliance and National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) committed to the upkeep of one or more roofs.  They provide inspections, repairs, and other maintenance services for these roofs.  It is necessary that the RMHC homes are safe and water-tight to keep the families of sick children protected in their time of need.  And now they have plans to increase the size of the OCRMH by nearly 4,000 square feet to serve even more families so no one gets turned away.

With a unique start to their relationship, Antis Roofing and the Ronald McDonald House Charities have developed a great partnership.  The RMHC had a lasting impact on Charles seeing as they allowed him and his family to stay close and feel a sense of relief when they needed it most.  Antis Roofing is encouraging others to help expand the house stating, “Let’s come together, to double the love, double the house, so other families in need can stay close to their critically ill children.”

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Source: RoofersCoffeeShop