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Mission Statement

Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), is a consortium of thought leaders exploring emerging technology solutions for the roofing industry, striving to inform contractors by bringing together progressive and disruptive solutions that help build the professionalism and appeal of the roofing industry.

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About RT3

Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) strives to find innovative technology solutions to be used within the roofing industry. RT3 provides insights from progressive thought leaders both inside and outside the roofing industry along with practical resources for implementing potential solutions successfully. The organization will encourage and enable contractors to embrace technology as they seek to grow their businesses. With a commitment to disseminate technology advancement information, RT3 will help build the professionalism and appeal of the roofing industry.

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Press Room

Roofing Technology Think Tanks (RT3) has been featured in many articles and press releases over the past year.

The PRESS ROOM is where you can find those stories, collected in one location.

RT3 Live Meet-Up at Georgia Tech

Pointivo and The Estimating Edge hosted the RT3 group in is 2nd meeting on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta, GA. The meeting started with a tour of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). Both of our hosts presented Tech Talks, that you can find links to in our Press Room Section.


















RT3 Live Meet-Up in Chicago, IL

BuiltWorlds hosted the RT3 group in is 1st meeting in Chicago, IL. Future meetings will be held at innovative locations that will help enlighten the group on progressive technologies that can make a difference in the roofing industry.

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  • Richard Rast Bluefin
  • John Paul Milciunas The Estimating Edge
  • Dan Ciprari Pointivo
  • Manny DeSousa Flynn
  • Alison LaValley NRCA
  • Heidi Ellsworth HJE Consulting, NRP,
  • Dale Tyler National Roofing Partners
  • Laura Threlkeld National Roofing Partners
  • David Huval National Roofing Partners
  • Paul Belair 10x CEO Consulting
  • Paul Feezel Fractional CIO Group
  • Steve Little KPost Roofing, National Roofing Partners
  • Tom Whitaker Harness
  • Trent Cotney Trent Cotney P.A. Construction Law Group
  • Karen Inman Antis Roofing
  • Charles Antis Antis Roofing
  • Geoffrey Stone MetalForming
  • David Prokop MetalForming
  • Nick Serelis Encite Development Group
  • Rick Damato Damato Enterprises
  • William Wilkins VantagePoint
  • Tony Mallinger Metal-Era
  • Josh Kelly OMG Roofing Products
  • Rob Foote Roofing Risk Advisors
  • Josey Parks Cognitive Contractor
  • Gregg Wallick Best Roofing
  • Lynn Foster AccuLynx
  • Ken Kelly Kelly Roofing
  • Leah Hennessey BuildPay
  • Steve Wightman BuildPay
  • Brian Whelan Sika Sarnafil
  • Greg Bloom Allied
  • James Talman National Federation of Roofing Contractors Ltd.
  • Geoff Mitchell Mid South Roof Systems
  • Ryan Groth Follow Up CRM
  • Dan Auerbach Trent Cotney P.A. Construction Law Group
  • Karen Edwards Casimir Group
  • Nick Osgood Drone Base
  • Jose Giraldo Drone Base
  • Chris Toleman Arocon LLC
  • Chris Marentis Surefire Local
  • Shashi Bellamkonda Surefire Local
  • Jay Scherr J. Scott Consulting
  • Wayne Heironimus Delta Rep Group
  • Michelle Boykin  Rackley Roofing
  • Curtis Sutton Rackley Roofing
  • Nick Pilkington Drone Deploy
  • Dennis Duce AutoRoof

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