3 Ways Roofing Software Creates a Seamless Experience for Your Sales Teams

By: Nate Stein, AccuLynx

As industry technology continues to advance, so does the ability of your sales teams to integrate their selling process with software platforms specifically designed to improve their efficiency.


As a roofing company, you rely on the expertise and organization of your teams in the field to generate, track and close new business every season. These teams are constantly on the move, handling massive amounts of paperwork, phone calls and tracking progress through the pipeline. Some roofing businesses may struggle to keep all of these moving parts organized and accessible for accounting and management back in the office. However, as industry technology continues to advance, so does the ability of your sales teams to integrate their selling process with software platforms specifically designed to improve their efficiency.

Unlike in the past, roofing sales teams no longer need to flood filing cabinets with seemingly never-ending loose-leaf paper and copies. Instead, emerging roofing business software platforms can completely change how your salespeople handle the documentation for customers and jobs in progress. By implementing a CRM into your roofing business, you can streamline the selling experience for your roofing sales teams and create urgency for the buyer.

Create Familiarity with Your Customer (and Never Lose Their Information Again)

Everyone remembers the not-so-good ol’ days when you went diving through seas of filing cabinets in order to locate that one phone number belonging to the prospect who you spoke with last week. After taking forever to locate the paper, you give the customer a call back, only to mess their name up during the call because you cannot read the handwriting of the salesperson who jotted down notes during the initial conversation. Now, not only did you waste time locating files, but you also lost a customer by not referring to them by the correct name, making them feel less than valued.

With roofing business software, you can combine the benefits of an ERP and a CRM platform to simplify your roofing sales management. Ditch that messy filing cabinet and replace it with software that allows you to electronically input all customer information and track them from prospect to invoice. Instead of wasting time sifting through physical files, soar through electronic files at lightning speed to locate customer information. Easily search in your CRM by client name, date, salesperson, address, etc.

With your data securely stored in the cloud, you will never lose a customer’s information. In addition, you no longer need to worry about offending your prospect by mispronouncing their name. When you originally speak with customer “Stephen,” you can jot down in your notes that his name is pronounced as “Steven,” and not “Stefan.” Now, when you call Stephen back, you

Leverage an Existing Relationship and Build Trust

Suppose your customer wants to see references or previously completed work. Roofing business software can give you the ability to search in your system for addresses near your customer, or similar style roofs you have completed. You can then send the prospect before and after photos of similar projects to show them that you put pride and effort into your roofing projects.

A CRM can ensure that you consistently give your customer up-to-date, correct information. Say you called a prospect a few weeks back and offered them a special deal on a roof repair. When you get back to them now, you want to make sure that you don’t forget what your original offer was, so that you do not frustrate your customer with incorrect, misleading information.

Track All Correspondence

With a CRM roofing software, your sales team can track all contact with your clients. Whether it is negotiating a deal, offering a discount, or just making a cold call, your sales team can take note of anything they wish, and won’t have to worry about it getting lost. Sales managers can oversee all projects, including which salesperson is dealing with which customer, and wherein the process the project is. With a bird’s eye view of the entire customer pipeline, from prospect to invoice, your teams can take complete control of the entire roofing business workflow.

By giving your sales teams the assets they need to produce more comprehensive, and organized processes, your business has the ability to increase sales, build trust, and make the customer acquisition process more intimate. Modernize your roofing job management with easy to use software that allows you to grow, while at the same time making the lives of you and your sales teams a whole lot easier.

Note: This article first appeared on the AccuLynx blog and can be viewed here.