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RT3 member Eagle Roofing Products launches Time Is Money app

In the roofing and building industry, every second counts when fulfilling orders and traveling from one job site to another. To alleviate some of the stress affecting customers waiting in the order pick-up line, Eagle has launched a new initiative with trucking partners top of mind.

Last September, Eagle Roofing Products soft-launched Time Is Money, an online reservation system designed to save truck drivers approximately 15 minutes of loading time. Due to its overwhelming success, the initiative has since been expanded and launched nationwide across all manufacturing plants and satellite yards.

Time Is Money is a free app that allows builders, roofers and distributers the opportunity to be proactive and productive with their concrete roof tile and components pick-ups. Through the digital platform, full and partial orders as well as those including trim are booked in advance of the pick-up, which are then built and staged in a central location prior to the driver’s arrival time. This simple step not only helps drivers stay organized and connected to Eagle, but it also helps customers save time and money.

Eagle’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, John Campbell, explained, “This platform was inspired by the need to better utilize time between the extreme peaks and valleys we experience daily in our yards. By utilizing T-I-M to provide our customer service and yard teams with advance notice of shipments, we are afforded the opportunity to pre-stage trim, components and concrete accessories up to 48 hours before pick-up.”

Roof tile and component pick-up slots can be reserved up to seven days in advance. Once date, time and sales order information are processed, Eagle team members pre-stage orders and get customers back on the road in record time. The scheduling system was not designed to allow customers to skip the line; however, by showcasing time slots for the next week, Eagle is furthering its commitment to transparency with every reservation.

“Eagle is committed to providing value-added solutions that save builders, roofing contractors and distributors time and money,” John reiterated, “because Time Is Money.”

For more information on accessing the link to your nearest regional T-I-M site, please visit https://eagleroofing.com/time-is-money-app/ or contact your local Eagle account representative.

About Eagle Roofing Products

Eagle Roofing Products is a division of Burlingame Industries, a California-based, privately held family organization that has been in the concrete roof tile industry for over 35 years. Founded in 1989 with five employees, Eagle has grown to four manufacturing plants, nine design centers and a work force of over 500 employees. As the largest USA made, USA owned concrete roof tile manufacturer in the United States, Eagle Roofing Products specializes in providing concrete tile roofing solutions for the building industry.

Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) Announces New Technology Resources for Contractors

These one-of-a-kind tools were created to help contractors successfully navigate the roofing technology landscape.

September 20, 2023 – Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), a group of progressive roofing professionals focused on technology solutions for the roofing industry, announced the availability of technology resources for roofing contractors to help them successfully navigate their technology journey.

Developed by members of the RT3 Technology Task Team, the resources feature three key components:

  1. Business Maturity Guide – designed to help contractors understand where their business’s maturity level to help them develop strategies, plans and technology that support continued growth and success.
  2. Technology Landscape – a comprehensive guide to help contractors understand cutting-edge software tools specifically tailored for their needs. It defines industry technology solutions, the problems they solve, what questions to ask of vendors, considerations for scaling and expected price ranges.
  3. Technology Solution Directory* – This is where roofing contractors can browse a collection of tools and apps that can help solve their most urgent business issues.

“We are extremely excited to offer this one-of-a-kind resource to the roofing industry,” said Karen Edwards, director of RT3. “The Task Team members worked together for the last 18 months both in-person and virtually to create these resources. We were very intentional in assembling the information from the perspective of an independent third party without recommending one solution over another.”

Technology providers are encouraged to submit their solutions to be included in the RT3 Solutions Directory. They do not need to be a member of RT3 to have their listing included in the directory. The directory is designed to allow peers to comment on each solution and leave feedback that can help other roofing contractors in their technology journey.

The RT3 Technology Resources are available in an interactive format on the RT3 website and also available as a downloadable PDF. They can be accessed here: rt3thinktank.com/resources

*Disclaimer: RT3 does not endorse any of these solutions but provides the platform for the industry to share their information and leave reviews and feedback that could be useful to others.

About Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3)
Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) strives to find innovative technology solutions to be used within the roofing industry.  RT3 provides insights from progressive thought leaders both inside and outside the roofing industry along with practical resources for implementing potential solutions successfully. The organization will encourage and enable contractors to embrace technology as they seek to grow their businesses.  With a commitment to disseminate technology advancement information, RT3 will help build the professionalism and appeal of the roofing industry. Learn more at www.rt3thinktank.com.

RT3 Members Beacon and RoofersCoffeeShop Team up for Trends Research

The 2023 RoofersCoffeeShop® Trends Survey is about to wrap up and is seeking final input from the industry. For the sixth year, the survey asks contractors to report on topics regarding current business issues, training and technology needs, as well as involvement with associations and vocational schools. Sponsored by Beacon, this trends survey seeks to identify top business needs and challenges roofing contractors are facing.  

“We are very happy to partner with Beacon again to better understand what contractors are seeing and experiencing in the industry as they continue their valuable work of roofing and protecting buildings nationwide,” stated Heidi J. Ellsworth, RCS president.  

Since 2016, the Coffee Shop has reviewed and utilized the results of the trends surveys to cater and develop our content to what you want and need to continue what you do best. “Collecting and comparing this data allows us to get a good pulse on the roofing industry and understand contractors’ needs and challenges. This information allows our partners and ourselves to adapt our offerings in order to help contractors continue to be successful,” Heidi shared.  

As with previous years, some questions are the same so we can compare year-over-year data, but we have also added new questions focused on vocational schools, involvement with roofing contractor associations and engagement with roofing distributors. By including topics like these, we can better understand what contractors are experiencing first-hand and what is happening in the industry in real time. 

This year, we’re eager to see your responses to, “Which of the following sustainable practices do you incorporate or sell?” Sustainability has been a topic of conversation for a while now and more owners are choosing sustainable products and practices for their homes and buildings. Across all of our sites — RoofersCoffeeShop, MetalCoffeeShop™ and AskARoofer™ — we’ve noticed an increase in interest surrounding our content focused on going green. In order to remain relevant and competitive in the industry, it’s important to be knowledgeable about what home and building owners are demanding. 

The survey will close on September 30, so get your responses in now! We know your time is valuable, and by taking the 2023 Trends Survey, not only will your company benefit, but so will the industry. Sharing your opinions and observations with the rest of the industry is invaluable and truly makes an impact. 

Participants will be entered into drawings for gift cards as a thank you for participating.

RT3 members represent the industry at SkillsUSA 2023

This was the first year that roofing was included in the SkillsUSA national championship and members from RT3 were there to showcase technology in the roofing industry including drones, 3D modeling and virtual reality.

At the Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) table, members were showcasing drone technology and 3D building modeling. Attendees could don an Oculus headset and experience what it’s like to be on the roof of the building in the 3D model. The team from Imagine Technologies and Division 7 Roofing was there to answer questions and fly the drone during a demo period.

The National Roofing Contractors Association was instrumental in working with SkillsUSA to include roofing as part of the competition this year. Heidi Ellsworth from RoofersCoffeeShop and RIck Damato of Roofing Contractor magazine worked together to secure donated materials and support for the roofing competition.

Four teams from across the country competed in the commercial roofing competition on Wednesday, June 21 under the guidance of skilled technicians from IB Roof Systems. The teams took a written test on the first day and then headed to the competition area to practice what they had learned in preparation for the competition the following day. First place was taken home by Kansas!

The first day of the Techspo saw crowds of students, teachers and family members learning from vendors about products and services they offer to the industry. In the roofing pavilion, attendees were able to experience both low-slope and steep-slope roofing installation methods.

In the low-slope demo area, they learned how to weld a seam on TPO with a handheld welder under the tutelage of experts from Johns Manville. After welding, the JM team tested the strength of the weld. On day two, students can compete in the seam welding for a chance to win a backpack and other swag from JM. On the steep-slope side, individuals were shown how to run a course of shingles, including installing starter strip thanks to the help of TAMKO. A special thank you to SRS Distribution for getting all the donated materials into the convention center.

National Women in Roofing had a table to share information on the organization and encourage the young women in attendance to consider the roofing industry as a viable career option.

We were really excited to be able to share the technology of the industry with the next generation of workers and are looking forward to next year!

Immersive Experiences at the Oracle Innovation Lab

RT3 members explore technology in one of the most innovative labs in the world.

The Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) is committed to learning about new, emerging technologies and how these technologies may be leveraged in the roofing industry. They meet several times a year to experience the latest innovations and understand how they might advance the roofing industry as a whole.

On May 16 RT3 members met at the Oracle Innovation Lab in Deerfield, Illinois to participate in immersive experiences at the lab. According to an information sheet provided by Oracle, “The Oracle Industry Lab is a unique idea incubator designed to help businesses in a variety of industries tackle their most complex challenges. At locations around the world, we work side by side with our customers and technology partners in hands-on simulated industry settings to turn bold ideas into powerful solutions they can implement and use today.”

Manufacturing and AI

One of the experiences was a manufacturing and transportation focus, where artificial intelligence was being used for quality control in a manufacturing environment. Strategically positioned cameras would monitor the production of materials and issue an alert if abnormalities were spotted in the item being made. Drones were deployed to fly autonomous missions to count inventory. In the use case in the lab, the drone would fly to a stack of pipes, take a photo and count the number of pipes, delivering the count to inventory software in the lab.

Models demonstrated how fleets of trucks could be outfitted with technology to monitor their performance, efficiency, locations and health. The technology can alert the company to potential delays or problems before they happen, allowing them to take action.

Mark Mortimer tries the exoskeleton

Connected Tools

Oracle partner Hilti was on site to demonstrate their line of connected tools. They have eliminated the need for electric cords by using smart batteries to power the tools. The tools are able to be monitored using an app on a smartphone that provides detailed information about the use of the tool and the GPS capabilities of the battery can provide the tool’s exact location. This feature was extremely helpful lto one contractor whose tools were stolen from their truck. The app was able to provide information on their whereabouts and the contractor was able to recover the stolen items. 

Hilti also has an exoskeleton that helps support the upper body when doing repetitive work overhead. Members were able to try on the exoskeleton and experience the difference. The company has another exoskeleton in the works that will provide support for the knees, hips and lower body.

Greg Bloom experiencing VR in a building model.

Virtual Reality and Wearables

VR headsets were donned by members as they experienced how a digital model of the Innovation Lab was used to identify a potential issue and correct it during the design phase – before construction was even started.

New Oracle partner RealWear had a hardhat equipped with a smart eye that allowed the person wearing the hat to use voice commands to take photos and share data about the condition of a roof or a job site. By freeing up both hands and eliminating the need to enter data into a smartphone or tablet, the user is safer on the job and more efficient.

Smart Suite

The energy and utilities section of the lab featured a model of a smart kitchen and living area that helps consumers understand their energy usage and ways that they might be more sustainable and energy smart. A Tesla battery wall stores electricity generated by the solar panels on the roof of the lab and holds enough electricity to power the lab for four hours should they experience a power outage.

Smart Scheduling

The command center at the lab has state-of the-art monitors and technology where the Primavera P6 scheduling software was demonstrated. Integrations with Esri and other data sources allow for the identification of potential issues that could arise during a project. The example was for the installation of a utility line, where upon examining the data, we were able to determine that there was farm that would experience disruption as well as a creek that would need navigated during the installation. This allowed for adjustment of the schedule with a more accurate timeline to allow for those issues to be addressed.

After the immersive experiences, members gathered to discuss what was learned throughout the morning and how it might translate into roofing. They also identified challenges that the industry may face in adopting some of these concepts and plan to work on providing information and education to help the industry integrate tech solutions more efficiently.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member or participating in future meetups, visit rt3thinktank.com and choose Join RT3.

RT3 Member Owens Corning Recognizes Quality Discount Roofing, LLC with Pinnacle Innovation Award

The company received the award for their innovative technology that has benefitted the industry. 

Quality Discount Roofing, LLC, a residential & commercial contractor specializing in roofing, siding and gutters, was awarded the 2023 Owens Corning Pinnacle Innovation Award at the company’s annual North American Platinum Preferred Contractors Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Quality Discount Roofing, LLC has utilized an assortment of technology offerings to create an innovative experience for not only homeowners but their employees as well. From an online onboarding program to virtually train new employees, an automated messaging system to notify customers through the project timeline and the implementation of a state-of-the-art estimating tool that with automation as well, simplifies the estimating process for the sales employees and saves paper along the way. These processes have saved time and money for the business while increasing the overall experience on both sides and led to an increase in overall customer satisfaction.

“We have always tried to be early adopters of new technologies in the marketplace. We study other industries away from the construction industry to give us insight into what technology can help us to continue our growth. If customers experience technology from Amazon, they will desire to feel the same elsewhere where they make a purchase. Our goal has been to save time while also increasing the customer experience. New technologies shouldn’t only be for our customers but also for our employees. We found a way for them to benefit everyone,” said Stephen Knuth, Director of Sales for Quality Discount Roofing, LLC.

Jimmy Soderlund, Owner & CEO of Quality Discount Roofing, LLC says, “These technologies are available from industry leading providers. Our goal is always to provide top quality customer service, technology has been a tool that makes that process easier in todays changing world.”

“Owens Corning cares about technology and always being the best. They have the same focus on technology that we do and that is one of the reasons why we love having them as a partner,” says Stephen Knuth.

About Quality Discount Roofing, LLC

Quality Discount Roofing, LLC has been in business since 2011. They exist in the Northern Florida market and are proud to be partners with Owens Corning Roofing to provide an excellent product to their customers. QDR has won the 2020 Owens Corning Roofing MVP Award and voted the Bold City Best Roofer 5 of the last 7 years by Jacksonville.com. 

RT3 Member Mycocycle Joins Chicago H1-B Connect to Support Displaced Tech Workers

The member companies have come together to reinforce that Chicago is a welcoming city for all.

(Bolingbrook, Illinois) January 30, 2023 – Mycocycle, Inc., a leader in using mycoremediation to process toxins out of waste, announced that it has joined Chicago H1-B Connect, a coalition of Chicagoland companies who are willing to sponsor the H1-B visas for technology workers who have been displaced in the nationwide technology industry layoffs.

According to the website Layoffs.fyi, over 157,000 tech workers lost their jobs in 2022, and the tech layoff rate isn’t slowing down. Over 50,000 workers at U.S.-based tech companies have been laid off this year alone. When an H1-B technology worker loses their job, they are left with 60 days to find a new one and the company must be willing to sponsor their visa.

“We are proud to be a member of this coalition and demonstrate our commitment to support and attract H-1B visa holders to the Chicago area,” stated Joanne Rodriguez, Mycocycle founder and CEO. “For foreign workers on H-1B status, losing their job jeopardizes their ability to stay in the U.S. Being part of this program is a win for all parties involved as companies benefit from the skills these workers bring to our businesses and the workers benefit by being able to continue living and working in this country.”

About Mycocycle

Mycocycle, Inc. was founded in October 2018. It is a woman-owned, early stage cleantech company using mycoremediation to process toxins out of waste. Mycocycle was one-of-seventeen companies worldwide selected to The Circulars Accelerator in 2022 through the World Economic Forum and Accenture, was the winner of the 2021 1871 Momentum Awards as an Industry Disrupter and Chicago Innovation “Up and Comer” Award, recognized as a Finalist in FastCompany’s “2021 World Changing Ideas” Awards issue, recognized as a Forbes “Next1000” Entrepreneur and Energy+Environment Top 100 Leader, selected as a Top 100 Global Deeptech Pioneer by Hello Tomorrow, and a 2020 Innovation selection in the EPA’s Innovation and America Recycle’s Fair. For more information visit www.mycocycle.com.

About Chicago H-1B ConnectLed by P33 and World Business Chicago, the coalition brings together the city’s leading civic organizations including the Commercial Club of Chicago, 1871, the Executives’ Club of Chicago, the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, the Corporate Coalition of Chicago, and MATTER, along with Fortune 500 corporations and rapidly scaling, well-funded startups to help support and to retain highly skilled and valuable international talent. For more information, visit gotechchicago.com/h1b/

RT3 member Jobba announces partnership with Pegnato Roof Intelligence Network  

One-of-a-kind connection to help roofers grow and succeed in the ever-changing digital world. 

Chicago, IL— Jobba, the roofing industry’s leading software provider, announced that it has partnered with Pegnato Roof Intelligence Network (PRIN) to help contractors win more jobs with major accounts and position them for success with a seamless integration into the network. 

PRIN is a proven system that connects clients with contractors through a cutting-edge platform. Roofing contractors in Pegnato’s network work with some of the largest companies with the most physical locations throughout the United States. 

“We are excited to be able to offer this invaluable resource to our roofing contractors,” explained Scott Keith, Jobba CEO. “This seamless integration with the PRIN network will bring more jobs to our users and help them manage those jobs more efficiently and profitably, all while streamlining communications with the customer.” 

Current Jobba users can begin using the PRIN network today at no additional cost by simply requesting PRIN membership through their Setup. 

For contractors who do not have a full Jobba package, they can take advantage of the PRIN Network through Jobba Express, which is a concentrated Jobba package focused on accessing PRIN. Users can be set up within a week to start receiving and executing work orders.  

Contractors can learn about the Jobba/PRIN Partnership and Jobba Express to see how Jobba and the PRIN connection can help their business. 

About Jobba
Jobba Trade Technologies is the leading provider of business management solutions for roofing contractors. Using a contractor-driven development approach, Jobba creates tools and solutions that roofing companies use every day to successfully operate their business. The cloud-based platform is full of innovative and easy-to-use tools that allow roofing contractors to manage every aspect of their business. For more information, visit www.jobba.com.
About Pegnato Roof Intelligence Network 
Pegnato Roof Intelligence Network (PRIN) is a cloud-based facility management solution that allows commercial property managers to easily manage and maintain their roof’s health. Their cutting-edge platform uses an exclusive network of vetted roofing contractors and connects them with a variety of multi-location businesses, including retail companies, restaurants, childcare facilities, commercial real estate companies and more. Learn more at www.pegnato.com.