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Feazel Reinvents Roof Estimation Process for Customers by Leveraging VR Technology

New technology tool takes the hassle and inconvenience out of roof estimates.

Feazel Inc., Columbus’ leading exterior home improvement contractor, is giving customers control over their next roofing project with the release of Robyn, a virtual guide for roof replacement quotes.

Currently, obtaining an estimate for a full-roof replacement requires an in-person appointment with a sales-person, likely during normal working hours. This inconvenience creates frustration and can make the process difficult for the customer. Feazel is set to transform that process for the industry with Robyn, which provides customers a virtual quote for their roof replacement and eliminates the need to meet with a salesperson.

“We know that replacing a roof isn’t something people do for fun. Most of the time, it’s an investment they’re not looking forward to,” says Leo Ruberto, president of Feazel. “The process is bogged down with timelines and negotiations, and we’re looking to eliminate that for customers. Robyn will allow a customer to get an estimate at their convenience, on their time, and at a more comfortable price.”

With Robyn, customers request a quote online, prompting a drone operator to go out to the property and take high-resolution images of the roof. During that time, the operator will leave behind virtual reality goggles designed to be used with any smartphone. By using the images and industry-leading applications, Robyn is able to estimate the materials and costs necessary to replace the roof. The customer will then receive an email with their project quote, as well as a virtual reality tour and educated guide of the Feazel roof replacement process.

Customers will also have the ability to use a custom roof visualizer, which allows them to view a three-dimensional model of their home and scroll through different shingle styles and colors for their roof replacement.

“The best part about the process is that this reduces the overall project cost for the customer, something we’re very excited to bring to the table,” Ruberto said. “While Robyn is a different element in the beginning phases, Feazel will still offer our same signature quality to the project, including our Lifetime Warranty, Price Match Guarantee, and 12-months same as cash financing.”

Should Feazel customers not be interested in the new technology and Robyn, Feazel will continue to provide the option of setting up an appointment with a salesperson for an in-home inspection and live discussion.

Robyn will be unveiled to customers for the first time at the Columbus Spring Home and Garden Show, February 17 through February 25 at the Ohio Expo Center.

About Feazel

Feazel has been providing quality exterior home improvement services since 1988. With a commitment to deliver the best customer service and a stress-free buying experience, Feazel offers roofing, windows masonry, siding, ventilation, gutters and more. Headquartered in Columbus, Feazel also has locations in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Raleigh, NC. The company also plans to expand into the Dayton, Ohio, and Indianapolis markets in 2018. Learn more at feazelinc.com.

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3 Ways Drones Are Used on Construction Worksites

Drones are quickly becoming the preeminent solution for delivering aerial imagery for construction projects.

As regulations ease and technology continues to improve, the use of drones for monitoring and reporting on construction projects is steadily increasing. Here are just 3 of the most popular ways drones can be used on construction worksites.

Progress Reports

Rome wasn’t built in a day…and neither were any major land development projects. There are various checkpoints throughout the construction process, which in most cases can take months (if not years).  Leveraging a drone for an aerial progress report allows for real-time updates, so project owners can save time and manage worksites more efficiently.


Using drones to complete full-scale inspections significantly reduces the risk factor for workers. Rather than a worksite manager conducting a time-consuming and somewhat hazardous inspection, a drone operator can capture a birds-eye view of the entire area safely & within a much shorter timeframe.


Drones can assist in providing accurate estimates, generating cut and fill maps, modifying plans to meet on-the-ground conditions and more …all in a matter of clicks. The availability of rich analytics gives customers a more accurate understanding of their worksite.

This article first appeared on the Drone Base blog and can be viewed here.