Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) and BuiltWorlds Partner

Thought-leaders working together to promote technology in the construction and roofing space

Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3), an emerging group of roofing industry thought leaders and BuiltWorlds, a community and network for forward-thinking leaders in the built environment (architecture, engineering, construction, real estate, and other buildings and infrastructure-related industries) announced their partnership to promote technology throughout the roofing industry.  The partnership will include joint promotion and knowledge sharing of cutting-edge technologies.

RT3 is focused on serving the needs of the roofing industry with ongoing education, research, and dissemination of their findings.  “The Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) is a consortium of thought leaders exploring emerging technology solutions for the roofing industry, striving to inform roofing contractors by bringing together progressive and disruptive solutions that help build the professionalism and appeal of the roofing industry,” is the mission statement recently created by the group.

Matt Abeles of BuiltWorlds hosted the group for the inaugural meeting at their corporate offices in Chicago.  BuiltWorlds has taken technology leadership within the general contracting and architectural communities to a new level.  They believe in innovation through collaboration, to push the built industry forward.  Abeles shared, “The construction or built world is powered by our oldest industry — one that is slow to move and slow to change.  We are committed to working with all areas of the construction industry and RT3 provides the perfect platform to reach the roofing industry with innovative technology and ideas.”

“We are thrilled to be working with BuiltWorlds,” stated Dale Tyler of National Roofing Partners.  “They were a key inspiration for us as we developed the idea of RT3.  We can provide feedback on the roofing space through BuiltWorlds to the larger AGC community while sharing their knowledge with our industry.  RT3 is about thought leadership and bringing technology into the industry that can help with labor and the overall professionalism roofing.”


About Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3)
Visualized by Dale Tyler of National Roofing Partners and Heidi Ellsworth of and HJE Consulting, the Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3) is a group of progressive roofing professionals focused on technology solutions for the roofing industry.  The think tank strives to find innovative technology solutions to be used within the roofing industry.  RT3 provides insights from progressive thought leaders both inside and outside the roofing industry along with practical resources for implementing potential solutions successfully. The organization will encourage and enable contractors to embrace technology as they seek to grow their businesses.  With a commitment to disseminate technology and advancement of information, RT3 will help build the professionalism and appeal of the roofing industry.

About BuiltWorlds

Since its inception in 2014, BuiltWorlds’ mission — to be the catalyst for progress and innovation in the built environment — has never wavered. Today, it is a community and network for stakeholders in the many built sectors to come together and move the needle forward. Through its events, ecosystem, and supporting video and written content, BuiltWorlds is providing the tools, knowledge, inspiration, and connections to grow careers, companies, and the greater industry.


Shared from National Roofing Partners Blog.