Using Your Reports to Make Better, Profit-Driven Decisions for Your Roofing Business

By Michelle Mittleman.

Software technology has opened the door for roofing companies when it comes to managing their business more efficiently and effectively than previous generations. CRM and ERP platforms, mobile applications and integrations give roofers 24/7 access to their business, including the information they rely on to make smart decisions.

It’s more than just knowing how many leads are in your pipeline, or how much revenue your top salesman generates on a quarterly basis. Dashboards and colorful graphs can’t always provide you with the in-depth analysis into the data that you need to see in order to make profit-driven decisions that impact your entire organization.

Going back and forth between Excel or separate programs means you are spending valuable time staring at spreadsheets, and not taking care of the things that really need your attention. As a roofing business owner, it’s more critical now than ever before that the reports you see and share with your teams are both accessible and easily generated from your software platform.

What Do Your Reports Tell You?

The greater the visibility you have into all of your data, the easier it is for you to extract the critical information necessary to run your business.

Is your reporting easy?

Reports are not helpful if you need to spend hours analyzing them. Reports generated from your CRM should easy to create, easy to to understand and easy to access.

Is your reporting customizable?

Being able to create custom reports from all of the data within your software platform means you get to pick and choose what’s important to you and not what a software company thinks you need.

Likewise, can your teams create their own reports that they need to succeed in their individual roles? Flexible data structuring and custom filtering means everyone has access to what they need.

Does Your Data Give You True Insight Into Your Business?

Being able to create calculations within your reports that allow you to derive meaningful insights and a greater understanding of what is happening in your business is the foundation of what software reporting functionality is about.

At the end of the day, these reports should be helping you make smart, profitable decisions for your roofing business.

Note: This article first published on the AccuLynx blog and can be viewed here.