From leads to estimates to project management, this roofing company has a tech solution every step of the way

By RoofersCoffeeShop®

RCS Influencer Drew Smith says that technology is used every day and on every job from start to finish at Brad Smith Roofing. At Brad Smith Roofing, we have found success using several different programs that all work together to help us run the business. Those programs are:

  • JobNimbus
  • EagleView
  • CompanyCam
  • Clock Shark
  • QuickBooks
  • GPS TrackIt

We researched and worked with several different CRM programs in the past, but JobNimbus has proven to be the most compatible with its operation. The JobNimbus program is open on every computer and the app open on every company iPhone all day operating its client’s complete account information and sales calendar.

JobNimbus also has the ability to formulate estimates, send, receive and track all lines of communication with the client throughout their customer history whether it originates in the office or out in the field. We are able to open all saved contracts, documents, emails, invoices, and estimates wherever we are. It is a cloud-based system, so internet service and a device is all we need to access the vital information necessary quickly.

When I have JobNimbus open working on a proposal for a client, I simultaneously have EagleView and CompanyCam open in order to connect all the dots. EagleView gives us the satellite blueprint with which to estimate a project while CompanyCam quickly opens the field photos gathered during the initial inspection. The field photos saved on CompanyCam allow verification that the findings and notes match the EagleView report before putting the final touches on an estimate.

CompanyCam also allows multiple people from the office staff, to the foreman on site or the project manager to see the same photo in real time, despite being in separate places to quickly communicate with each other and make important decisions. CompanyCam has revolutionized our operations at Brad Smith Roofing and reduced important time downloading photos and has eliminated the need to print project photos because they are so easily accessible from anywhere, anytime, with a date and photographer (user) stamped notation.

We can visually identify the problem areas in the photos using text and shapes superimposed over the photo in the edit feature of the app and it makes for a very professional and visually informative presentation for the customer, as well as, simple processing for the crew members when setting out to perform the work. Every department of our business relies on the project documenting capability of this application to fulfill tasks. Newly added features to this app also include the ability to read the actual slope degree of the roofline and accurately measure the roof, line by line. These features are just another way to make the diligence of the estimator that much more efficient and accurate.

Clock Shark has done very well for us integrating with QuickBooks and allowing quick tracking and documenting of individual crew member labor time, travel time and location. Each crew member can clock in and out of projects throughout every day with the user-friendly app on their mobile device. The time that the Brad Smith Roofing team spends verifying payroll has dramatically decreased since implementing Clock Shark. We are also able to take the information that Clock Shark provides in real time and then use it to cross check with GPS TrackIt that is installed on each service vehicle to ensure there is accurate documentation to report back to a customer or insurance company for labor time verification and invoicing.

QuickBooks organizes all purchase orders, vendor invoices and everything financial and makes it easily viewed at the click of a mouse. Job costing should not be considered complete without the use of Clock Shark, GPS TrackIt and QuickBooks.

Drew smith is Vice President at Brad Smith Roofing.  Learn more about him here.

Source: RoofersCoffeeShop.