New construction strategy is to build the roof first and raise it floor by floor

By Karen L Edwards, RT3.

The technology offers the installation of the roof as soon as possible followed by a lift system featuring modern and safe handling tools.

Building Design + Construction reported that ‘this alternative process for building tall concrete or steel buildings consists of a mobile permanent roof, a roof lifting mechanism, a protective enclosure, and a high-capacity hoist.’

According to information on the company’s website ( the technique allows for the construction of multi-story buildings without cranes and starting with a mobile, permanent roof. The roof can then be raised by a lift system which allows for the creation of a construction area. A carrier is used to transport workers and materials to the construction area.

Next, a protective enclosure made of metal and canvas is installed up to the parapet, sheltering the construction site against adverse weather while the roof lifting mechanism allows for the roof to be moved upward as each story is completed.

In theory, this allows for floors to be built, sold and occupied while construction of additional floors can continue in sync with the sales cycle or pause if needed. The mobile, permanent roof can remain on the building if it has the desired geometry or it can be adapted at the end of the project. See the technology in action in this company video.

Upbrella says that this new technology brings many benefits to the project, including:

  • Eliminating irritants of open construction
  • Reducing business risks associated with pace of sales
  • Lowering insurance costs
  • Taking weather out of the equation with no lost work days
  • Reducing disruption and allowing the occupation during the construction process to optimize occupation rates.

Upbrella Construction is a subsidiary of 3L Innogenie and a certified general contractor for Upbrella Technology. 3L Innogenie is a team of engineering specialists who develop products and technology for the construction industry.

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